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St. George is blessed to have a talented team leading their music ministry. 

Directing the community choir, Kelly Kadlec is both a professional instrumentalist and choral conductor.  Valuing authenticity as well as variety, Kelly adds her own style to every song played at St. George.  When the choir grew too big to effectively conduct while playing, she added another talented vocalist/conductor, Nuriel Abdenur, to the team.  Now St. George has double the musical leadership and fun!

Thanks to Jim Tierney at Big Swan Studio for allowing our community choir to record some of our favorite songs.  Click above to hear us!

Each year, the choir raises money for the music ministry by hosting a festival of music.  Click above to watch exerpts from some of our favorite numbers.

The St. George Community Choir is committed to outreach.  Not only do they perform weekly at church, but they partner with neighboring churches for choir extravaganzas! 

Pictured left to right:  Kelly Kadlec and Nuriel Abdenur

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Everyone Has Their Own Story.


"The thing I like best about being a part of the music ministry is that I feel welcomed and inspired to participate, and somehow my limited talents don't seem so limited!  The music is amazing, I never thought I could be part of something so wonderful."


"I love being a part of the St George music ministry.  To me,  the beauty of music and our innate enjoyment of it in all it's forms is one of the most compelling arguments for the existence of a creative deity.  I believe that singing is akin to praying twice.  To raise my voice in worship is an honor and a joy and I hope the Lord hears us and smiles."

"I love being a part of the St George music ministry.   The director is upbeat,  energetic and a terrific pianist, composer, arranger and all around wonderful human being of whom I am very, very fond.  We sing music from a great variety of composers; contemporary and traditional.   The choir members are all very nice, caring people and we enjoy everyone.  Lastly, my wife and I met there and she is a marvelous singer and beautiful to look at."

"Being part of the music ministry is important to me.   I love the big beautiful full choir songs.  If we are in parts and "on it", I get goose bumps.  I like the camaraderie of the choir. 

I take pride and comfort in the knowledge that our music means a lot to the congregation, that it inspires them and moves them, it is powerful."

"Being involved with the choir at St. George has been a wonderful opportunity for me to make new friends and connect with my teenage daughter. Wednesday night rehearsals and weekend masses have been important father/daughter time. We have had so many wonderful moments together during our time in the music ministry at St. George. "


"I've known Kelly, Jason and Danielle for 18 years, singing with them in another music ministry years ago.  Each of these extraordinarily creative and talented musicians have hearts for God and for each of us, inspiring us to be more than we ever thought we could.  Their mix of contemporary and traditional worship through song is nothing short of amazing.  St. George is a humble, representation of Christ's call to each of us to "love one another as I have loved you."  Come.  Join us.  You'll never regret that you did!"


St. George Catholic Church

133 N Brown Road

Long Lake, MN 

Tel: 952-473-1247

The Schedule

* Community choir rehearsals are from September through May.

* We rehearse most Wednesdays from 6:45 until 8:15.

* 3 out of 4 weekends, the community choir sings on Sunday morning at our 9:15 a.m. service.

* The second weekend of the month, we sing on Saturday at the 4:00 p.m. mass

* We are understanding of conflicts and try to make it easy to be a part no matter how busy you may be. 


Come Join Us!

All are welcome! 
Come and visit St. Goerge and be sure to introduce yourself to one of our music directors.  Let us know how you can add your music to our growing ministry!  E-mail below or call Kelly with questions at 612-306-5213.  No audition required.


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